Project: Path & Hardstanding Area

We wished to make access to the orchard easier, and provide somewhere solid upon which to stand when events take place within it. This meant the necessity of creating a path and hardstanding area.

We were successful in bidding for money from Nottinghamshire County Council’s “Supporting Local Communities” fund, which allowed us to carry out this project and are thankful for their support of our work in the orchard.

Having sourced stone from a local quarry and plant hire, and marked out where we wanted the work to take place, we began the installation work with the delivery of 31 tonnes of Type 1 limestone, and the mini digger and dumper truck.

Work went well and we were finished quicker than we anticipated. However, after a few days of rain, it was clear that we required a finer layer of limestone on the surface, so we ordered a few more tonnes of fine grade limestone and whacked it down, thanks to a friend loaning us their whacker plate.

Finally the path and hardstanding were completed, and we are very pleased with it. In the future we hope to install something in the centre of the circular area that allows us to insert a maypole which can be used by the community at seasonal events (but no, no wicker man is planned 🙂 ).

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