Project: Bug Hotel

Fruit trees and plants are prone to pests attacking them. We want to keep the orchard as organic and free from pesticides as possible, so we are hiring the help of a variety of bugs which just love to eat greenfly, blackfly and other pests, and providing them with somewhere comfortable to live and overwinter. As time passes this will increase the biodiversity of the orchard; as the trees grow, birds will take shelter in them and munch on the different bugs within the ecosystem of the orchard.

We put a call out to the local community for a variety of materials, including pallets, roof tiles, bricks, bamboo canes and other materials. Due to the kind generosity of people, we were given enough materials to create a large and wonderful bug hotel.


Again, working with the local primary school, we spent the morning with some of the Year 6 pupils who had finished their SATs exams and were relaxing. We had fun building the hotel and learning about food webs at the same time.


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