Lantern Walk & Carols in the Orchard – Christmas 2017


Our second Lantern Walk & Carols in the Orchard was successfully held on Thursday 14th December 2017. Prior to the evening, we had spent time once again with the wonderful Y5 & Y6 classes at Farmilo Primary School creating the wonderful LED willow lanterns, and the day after at St Barnabas’ creating the lanterns which would light up the orchard itself. A big thank you to the school and community who helped in the creation of these wonderful lanterns.

As we set off from Farmilo towards the orchard, the heavens decided to open up and pour a fairly heavy drizzle. Whilst it soaked our carol sheets as we sang in Mandalay Way, our spirits were not dampened, and well done everyone for sticking it out to the end.



As we moved up into the orchard, the weather changed and it stopped raining. A grand total of seventy of us then huddled around the fire, grabbed dry carol sheets and had a good old sing song around, accompanied by Joe’s wonderful PA system. Our final carol was “While Shepherd’s Watched”, but we upped the tempo by changing the tune to “On Ilkley Moor bar t’at” which was fun. If you can’t imagine what it sounded like, here’s a rendition by another group :).

We then proceeded to enjoy mulled wine (generously provided by Nigel – thank you very much!), or mulled punch (non-alcoholic), mince pies & stollen either around the fire or within the outdoor classroom.



A big thank you to everyone who was involved in putting this on and to everyone who came despite the weather at the beginning. Same time next year – and hopefully much drier too.


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