Easter Egg Hunt – 30th March 2018

With a weather forecast at the start of the week showing snow for the day of the egg hunt, coupled with recent events being affected by storms, rain and snow, we were forearmed with an alternative date and venue should the weather be rotten again for us.

Event Poster!

But, on the Friday morning, the sun was shining in the sky and the wind was calm so we went for it and got the orchard ready for the egg hunt.

Various coloured images of eggs were hidden around the whole orchard and visiting children were able to take an entry sheet, some colouring crayons and run about colouring in their sheet as and when they discovered one of the eggs. Lots of energy was expended by the hunters as they ran around all over the orchard, much to the relief of the parents and carers who commented about how the children would be sleeping well that evening :D.

Refreshments (cold and hot) were on hand and gladly received, the cups and plastic glasses sponsored by Vegware so were completely compostable, to the surprise and delight of those who we shared this information with, given the current hot topic of plastics in the environment.

Towards the end we were able to plant some wonderful marigolds around the living willow domes thanks to a kind donation from Nicky during the event.


All in we had over seventy people of all ages coming along and enjoying a good time within the Orchard, some for the first time expressed their amazement and pleasure at what we’ve achieved here for both them and their children.

Thanks to everyone who came along, supported and enjoyed the event – we’re looking forward to seeing you all at the next event, the May Bank Holiday Celebration!

All photos taken with permission to upload onto our website. No rights are granted for usage / storage elsewhere, online or otherwise.

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