May Day Celebration – 7th May 2018

After what seemed like a whole string of bad / poor weather which had put a slight dampener on our events for the past eight months, finally we were blessed with a May bank holiday which saw record high temperatures being set! A blazing sun shone down upon the Orchard and local residents and school children gathered round to call in the may (well, they would have been able to if the “may” (hawthorn blossom) had been in bloom – a late Spring meant that it wasn’t out for this event).


We were gifted a maypole thanks to our local councillor, Diana Meale, and worked with Farmilo Primary for weeks beforehand to teach a few of the maypole dances. Thanks to Farmilo staff and pupils for being part of this wonderful contribution to the event.

After initial hiccups with the BBQ, we were able to serve hot food as well as soft and alcoholic drinks (thanks again to Nigel B for sourcing these for the event).

Several dances were performed during the event, with the final being an open invitation to parents / carers and anyone else who would like to try their hand at one of the more advanced pieces – “The Plait”.

Overall the event was a huge success and it’s all down to the hard work and dedication of the volunteers of “The Friends of Pleasley Community Orchard”, the residents, school and MDC who we’ve worked closely with in doing all the paperwork and preparation for the event. A BIG thanks to Andy C, MDC’s Parks and Open Spaces officer who helped organise the mowing of the Orchard grass so it was much easier for everyone to walk around during the event.


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