Diary of a Community Orchard 8/7/18: Show Me the Honey!

After losing a bee colony over the winter, it has been a joy to see the remaining hive grow again and producing our first crop of honey!

Thanks to Ropers who extracted and bottled it in their “clean room” for us. It’s always a pleasure to pop over and see how things are there, meeting Tim and Helen, and the rest of the team.

Honey Haul 2

Unlike supermarket honey, we don’t heat treat our honey, which means that it’s got all that lovely goodness still in it. Supermarkets merely heat it to keep it looking good, regardless of how it destroys the wonderfully beneficial chemicals in there. As such, it’s 100% raw honey from the comb. Nom nom!

Batch 1 was reserved for Friends of Group members only, and we’ve got a single jar of that left which we’re keeping as part of the group’s historical journey.

I was wondering how we’d be able to sell the rest of the honey when it came it – batches 2 & 3 combined came to 84 jars !!! However, it all sold out within 2 hours of putting a post up online advertising it, with a waiting list of 50 more people for the next lot.

When the next batch will be available is anyone’s guess, with the hot weather causing nectar to be in short supply for the bees, and our colony going queenless for a couple of weeks which reduced colony numbers for a short time.

Our gentle Buckfast bees certainly are hard working nevertheless and honey flow will resume shortly.

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