Easter Egg Hunt 2019 – 19/4/19

We were blessed this Good Friday with wonderful sunny weather, which brought out nearly 150 people of all ages up to the Orchard for our annual Easter Egg Hunt!

As the sun shone down upon us, we were able to hide an updated set of eggs around the place, just in time for 11am when people began coming up the Orchard path. With free hot and cold drinks as well as free entry and a chocolate egg for every completed entry sheet, we had a great time serving the community and meeting friends old and new.

For many this was their first time to the Orchard, and they were very impressed and thankful for the time and effort that’s been invested here. They only knew it as a piece of reasonably abandoned land that had a wall on it and were amazed at the transformation.

The sight and sounds of people coming up the path to join in, kids running around excitedly was awesome to behold as people joined us to celebrate Easter.

The event itself was free, which is always our intention when putting on events for everyone, but we received donations to cover the event as well as put a few quid into the Orchard’s coffers for further events, so thanks again as this allows us to put on more for the community.

To have been able to be part of this story and bring excitement, joy and a deeper peace has been really satisfying for all concerned. We can do amazing things as a community when we come together, and Pleasley is in the ascendant in this and many other ways.

Thank you to everyone who helped us put on the event, and to everyone who came along. You are amazing!

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