How far do Orchard bees travel?

beeOne of the amazing things about bees is the amount of mileage they get on a “tank of fuel”… Bees forage for up to a radius of 5km from their hive, which can mean a round trip of 10km to the furthest regions and back again. That’s a lot of bee miles.

To give you a clue what this looks like, we’ve drawn a 5km radius on Google Maps, centred on Pleasley Community Orchard, which you can see below.

Bee Map Radius

Now, it’s going to have to be a very good source of forage that will bring them out as fara as that, but these beauties have the potential of going nearly into Forest Town, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Hardwick Hall’s gardens and into Shirebrook… I find that staggering. Hope you are inspired by these wonders of nature too.


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