May Celebrations 2019

In celebration of the coming of the Spring and the full flow of life into the Orchard, we held our second May Celebrations.

As per last year, we worked with Farmilo Primary School, offering maypole dancing classes, to which we had up to 30 children in attendance each time. A huge thanks to Farmilo for allowing us to come in and help the children with learning the skills needed to perform a successful maypole dance.

The event itself was a roaring success with over 180 in attendance. We were blessed with weather that didn’t rain (though it threatened to at the start), so are very thankful for that, as too for the sun which made an appearance about half-way through.

Our capacity for cooking on the BBQ was doubled, thanks to a local resident, Scott, who brought along his gas BBQ and helped Peter flip meaty products (and vegetarian ones too). We also were blessed with Dorothy and Teresa who helped serve a hungry crowd.


Our TEN allowed us to put on a bar, with the ever popular Mango cider selling out quickly again! Thanks to Nigel who once again provided a good range of beverages, and to Janet and Tony who helped serve them.


We were able to watch the children dancing, and then, of course, came the obligatory adults dance, with teaching and learning on the spot taking place.

What an amazing community spirit raising event we were a part of, and it’s all down to the community coming together, bringing their various skills, abilities and offerings of help that helped to achieve this. Thank you and here’s to another Pleasley tradition beginning to form!

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