About Us

We’re a friendly group of people who have a “can do” attitude towards working in the community in which we live, attempting to help build and strengthen relationships between people of all ages across the whole of Pleasley. It’s hard work, but through it we’ve made some great friendships and learned a lot about the history of our village – the stories and the people. We are blessed with such a wonderful place to live and seek to make it even more wonderful.

We work hard to involve as many people as possible from local schools, residents, companies and other organisations which have similar values to our own.


Along the way, we have been surprised by the generosity and helpfulness of the Pleasley community. Some called us “mad”, and rightly so at the time, we were mad. But as our Chair says, “It’s the nuts which keep the wheels on the car so it can move forward” :). As time has gone by, people have passed us many positive comments on  the transformation of a former piece of underused green space into an amazing community building resource.


This website is the living story of how Pleasley built its own community orchard from scratch. We hope you’re inspired in your own communities to do something similar, to rebuild communities that have gone through hard times in the past, or to bring something beautiful to your village or green spaces.


Our logo, designed by pupils at Farmilo Primary School has the tagline “Growing with you”. We plant this orchard for the generations to come in this village, that they may enjoy fruitfulness and life in all its fullness. It is the whole community’s orchard, we all have a part we can play in its story.


Greenwood Community Forest
We have recently become members of the Greenwood Community Forest and are looking forward to working, sharing and learning together as a part of the network.

To read more about our story, from the very beginning, please click here.

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