Pleasley Orchard Beekeepers

Meets 9:30am – 10:30am every Saturday morning
from March to the beginning of November.

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Our Orchard is blessed to have its own apiary, which currently contains two hives, though we are expanding to four in the Spring of 2019. Our busy bees help pollinate the surrounding allotments and fields as well as the Orchard itself, producing lots of fresh, raw honey that has many health benefits, so everyone’s a winner.


If you would like to come along and join our weekly group, then please pop by or contact us via our email address. We’re always looking for more volunteers, and there is something rather special about being dressed in protective clothing (which we provide) and getting right inside the hives to check their health and production levels. You’ll learn lots about bees, how they live and behave as well as get to enjoy the products we sell to help raise money for the work of the Orchard itself.


Many of the team are members of the Chesterfield Beekeepers which meets every second Monday evening in Chesterfield. We have also created a Facebook group called “Mansfield Beekeepers” to help link up beekeepers in and around the Mansfield areas, so we are able to help each other out as and when the need arises.

We teach everything we know about looking after bees, and you’ll get help along the way – we understand that we were all novices at one time. You could be helping do basic health checks on the hives, taking off supers full of frames loaded with fresh honey, helping assemble / paint / install new hives, split a hive into two colonies, requeening a failing hive, helping rehouse a swarm, and other activities bee related.


Be warned, once you start, you can quickly get hooked, and may even end up with your own suit and a hive of your own in your back garden!

So, come along and enter the incredible world of beekeeping!



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