Upcoming Events

We love to see the orchard being used by people to celebrate all that is good in life: food, friendship and fun. This is why we put on a variety of events within the orchard – to bring people together and celebrate life in all its fullness. We’re a very active group, whether it’s just meeting up for a coffee / bun in there, building something, weeding or celebrating, we’re happy for anyone to pop along for a chat and / or get stuck in with things.

Do check out our Orchard Calendar which contains details on everything “official” that’s going on in there, from the various projects that we’re always looking for people to join us in, to our programme of social events.

As far as social events are concerned, here are some posters with details for upcoming events in the orchard… If you wish, do feel free to download the images and put them onto your social media to spread the word.




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