This area is maintained by “Deep Green Christian”, Matt Arnold, lay pioneer minister in the area, attached to St Barnabas’ and St Augustine’s. It will contain thoughts relating to the spirituality of the seasons, the landscape and various times of the year, and aims to explore the deeper things in life and the mystery of the Divine within the landscape and ourselves.

Inside the classroom are leaflets to meditatively engage with that change on a regular basis, all based upon thoughts for the particular time of the year. Please take one and read it whilst sat in the orchard, and if you wish, engage with the suggested activities within it. Let us know your thoughts and experiences as you connect.

The Green Man
Our link with the “Green Men” in Southwell Minster.

Watching over everyone and everything in the Orchard is our Green Man, beautifully carved and generously donated by local resident and wood carving artisan, Darryl. His presence reminds us all of the ever present nature of the Great Spirit, permeating and upholding the very fabric of our being and the surroundings.


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