Diary of a Community Orchard 9/6/18: Thyme ‘n’ Space

There were lots of activity and people in the Thyme ‘n’ Space gardening group today, and a wonderful number and age range, from primary school aged up to the silver haired wise ones.

This month’s tasks:

  1. Plant the bluebell bulbs generously offered by John after thinning his patch of them out. Thanks John!
  2. Put up the guttering, downpipe, and associated connection parts we’d received as a wonderful donation from Robbie at Easy Building Products Ltd. Thanks Robbie! If you need some guttering, speak to Robbie as he’s a great guy.
  3. Build another fruit cage around the blueberries and honeyberries.

We divided up the tasks and got cracking.


Andrea and Lee oversaw the planting of bluebell bulbs with the lads, and Lee went on to building the fruit cage.


Ian and Matt worked on fitting the guttering, and Eric built a stand and installed the water butt he donated to the Orchard. Thanks Eric!


Afterwards, we had a good relax whilst Matt cooked up bacon sandwiches for everyone  (nom nom) and drinks were handed round.

All in, a very, very profitable morning’s work, which has added

  • something that’ll be hidden away until next year, when it’ll burst forth into a show of bluebells
  • the facility to store water for watering cans to be used on the hanging baskets (thanks for donating these Dorothy!) as well as the raised beds and flower boxes.
  • Protection for the soft fruits against those hungry, early birds.


Thanks again to everyone who came along and made this another successful gardening group gathering. All the Orchard’s visitors and users of its facilities comment on what a wonderful place it is to be, and that’s down to the hard work of the volunteers who come along and help make it what it is.

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