Project: Outdoor Classroom

FootingsSince construction work began in late 2016 up until September 2017, there had been no shelter or seating facilities within the orchard. This needed to be remedied.

Working with St Augustine’s & St Barnabas’ Churches in the area, funding was sought from the Anchor Foundation Trust, and we were pleased to receive a huge chunk of money towards the cost of a sizeable outdoor classroom that would meet the requirements for shelter and seating, and would provide somewhere the community could gather for a cuppa in the morning, workshops, events and simply enjoy the wonderfully transformed environment of the orchard. We are very grateful to the Anchor Foundation Trust for their wonderful donation which has made this project possible.

The remainder of the money required for the purchase came from the kind donations of people through the orchard’s “Tree Dedication Programme“. Thanks too must go to those who have dedicated fruit trees to their loved ones.


One afternoon in the week before the classroom was installed, four of the Friends group spent a good deal of time scratching our heads and attempting to install slabs in an octagonal formation, all level over a five metre diameter. Eventually we got there, but there were one or two dead ends. Who says trigonometry and technical drawing skills are not needed after you’ve left school? 🙂

Classroom Installation

Then the day arrived for the two day installation task. And it went incredibly smoothly. The weather was perfect, apart from a spot of light drizzle at the end of day one. Everything fitted perfectly and the installation crew at Cabinco were a pleasure to work with. By 10:30am on the second day, installation of the classroom was complete.

Access Ramp Construction

A non-slip ramp was installed the following day, and the whole project could be signed off as completed. It was time to relax and enjoy a cuppa in our orchard.

This marked the end of Phase Two of the development work, which would be officially marked at the path opening and classroom blessing ceremony the following weekend.

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